How to download photos and videos from the Instagram for free using

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Important note

Photos and videos that you are going to download through our service must be publicly available, that is, the account must be opened.

Step 1.

To download a photo/video from Instagram, you need to copy the link (URL) to the post from your browser or Instagram application.
From Instagram application:
1. Open the necessary post
2. Click on 3 points to the right of the post
3. Click 'Copy link'
From browser:
1. Open the necessary post
2. Copy the link (URL) from the address bar

Step 2.

The copied link should be inserted on the main page of service in the «Past the link» field and press the «Search» button.

Step 3.

Our service will automatically detect the type of content (photo or video), you only need to click on the «Download» button and select a place to download the file.

If you want to download the carousel, our service will offer you to choose the necessary files, or, you can click on «Select all» and «Download».
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